Thursday, 12 March 2015

Maybelline Eye Tattoos

I feel like I keep buying a lot of eye shadows but I just love testing them out. Eye shadow is definitely something that can really versatile your look, whether you want to keep it neutral or colourful however or whatever you do it can transform your look into something completely different.

These eyes shadows are of a perfect creamy consistency that paste and sit on the eyelid really nicely, I generally use my finger to apply these but you can use a brush too, either works well.

What you can do is use these eye products as a base or if you want a subtle look for work. This way you know it's going to last all day. The lasting power on these are very good because it's more of a gel consistency. 

The colours that I have here are permenant taupe, endless purple and pink gold. There are quite a few to choose from but these were the ones that I fancied at the time of my purchase (I may go back for more). At £4.99 a pot you really can't go wrong - definitely something to invest your pennies in if you're looking for affordable and long-lasting make up.


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