Thursday, 5 March 2015

Drug Store Buys That Are Totally Worth It

I took a trip into Superdrug the other day, I picked up a few make-up bits that I was in need of, to add to a growing collection of mine. Firstly the mascara, WOW! I mean, I haven't got the longest lashes which is rather annoying so when I find a product that makes them go super long, I get very excited. I just picked it up because I thought it was a relatively new product to the rimmel mascara range and I'm so glad I did. I was so surprised at how much it lengthens and thickens my lashes.
 I think from now on this is going to be my go-to mascara, I was using the YSL Shocking mascara before and for me, I feel the Rimmel Kate Rockin one is so much better (and a lot lighter on the wallet - £7.49). The nice thick applicator is something I am a massive fan of, I'm not really keen on the plastic applicators because I don't feel like you get enough of the product on with it. The curve in the applicator actually makes a difference because you can get into the corners of your eyes easier.
So I have only recently starting wearing concealer under my eyes because I have read a lot, on other blogs and YouTube channels etc. that it really helps to brighten your face and make you look a lot more awake - which I definitely need. I was drawn to this one as it says 'wake me up' on it although I had also heard really good reviews on it.
This is another product that I am so pleased I picked up, I would say it has a medium coverage but really brightens up any areas you want to highlight - I got this in the colour ivory (the lighter the better - to brighten as much as I could) again, a really good price of £5.49. This product would also work well if you were looking to contour.
My third item I bought, I had started to steer clear from due to the fact that these pens tend to dry out quickly on me and I feel like they are a huge waste of money despite that, this eyeliner pen I have seem to be liking at the moment. The precision I have when applying my eyeliner is relatively good (and better) than it normally is when I use liquid eyeliners.  This 'Scandal Eyes' eyeliner is supposed to be able to draw on your eyeliner thickly and thinly because of the two sides of the tip, I wouldn't say that this product completely achieves that but it definitely is a cheap alternative to getting that neat and sleek eyeliner finish. For only £5.49 you can't really go wrong.
Tanya Burr's eyelash range is something that I have wanted to try for a long time, when I finally picked these eyelashes up, I couldn't wait to try them and see what they looked like. A little tip - if you have small eyes (like myself) then buying these sort of lashes really accentuate the eye and make them look bigger - something I try to achieve, so I thought I'd give these a go. I found them quite tricky to get on at first but once they were on, I was really happy with the look. They looked like my real lashes (nice and natural looking - which is what you want) and just gave them that extra flutter I guess. Eyelashes always make me feel glamorous and these ones definitely did the trick - I can't remember the price of these but I think they were around £5.50. I definitely recommend!


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