Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lush Lip Scrub

No matter what time of year it is, I am always one that suffers with dry chapped lips so when I heard about this stuff, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. If you're someone that wears a lot of matte lipstick, then you'll know that your lips dry out a hell of a lot - very quickly as well. Unfortunately matte lipsticks don't give your lips moisture, which then leads to layers of cracked and unwanted skin.
Well, this is where this stuff comes in very useful. The mint chocolate flavoured substance is of a normal scrub consistency, using it like you would any other scrub, you rub it on your lips and scrub away at them till you feel you're satisfied. It really does leave your lips feeling fresh, soft and of course - all the dry skin is worn away. This stuff is a really subtle and clever way of creating healthy and attractive looking lips - not to mention it smells and tastes delicious (obbbbviously you're going to get some in your mouth) then just apply some lip balm of your choice and you're away.
This was £5.50 for the pot which isn't bad at all. A little cute present for someone special as well, something sweet and different.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

The 'It' Lip Liners

We all know MAC is renowned for it's lip products, how every single woman loves them, whatever walk of life you're from, whether you're a A-list celeb or an average 14 year old school girl. - They are loved and adored by us all.
It seems extremely hard to be able to get your hands on the nude lip pencils just lately so as soon as I heard they were back in stock on the MAC website, I was straight on there! These pencils are that Kylie Jenner-esqe look that everyone seems to be loving at the moment, after reading several times that Kylie is actually more into applying lip liner all over lips instead of lipstick I had to try them out for myself.
These two colours are Boldly Bare and Spice, they are gorgeous colours and can be pulled off with whatever look you are going for, whether it be a dramatic glamour look or a subtle look that you want for work or a day out shopping with your mum, this is a go-to colour for sure.
For me, I find that these lip pencils are a reasonable price, at £12.50 they aren't a blow to your piggy bank.




Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Weekly Lusting

I think everyone is the same, when we're bored we go online looking for things that we would love to add to our collection of belongings. Whether it be clothes, make up or home wear stuff, I am forever looking for bits and bobs that I probably can not afford but what's the harm in looking ey?

These are a few bits that I have been loving whilst browsing the web recently...


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Denim & Leopard

I feel most people get their fashion inspiration from looking back at old photos or going through old magazines or looking at old photos of our parents and their friends to see what they wore back in the 'good ol' days' I know for me, I definitely love the 80's style of clothing. The denim, the leopard print, the baggy shirts, the oversized everything.
I have been after a skirt like this for a long while, so when I found this on missguided I was a bit excited.
This skirt is definitely something from the 80's, I am so sure my mum had one like this, it makes me want to keep all my clothes because I know they'll come back in fashion! The beauty of this skirt is that you can pair it with pretty much anything, a crop top, a chunky knit or a shirt. It's a piece that works with everything that you have in your wardrobe, that's why it's a must!
Belt: Next
Shoes: Topshop


Friday, 20 March 2015

Primark Gym Wear

Gym wear is something that is steadily becoming very fashionable and easy to wear but it can also come at a quite a steep price most of the time. A price that a lot of us can't actually afford, I have often had a browse on the Nike or Adidas website hoping to find something that is within a suitable price range, and a lot of the time were talking £35-40 for a pair of leggings. When you invest a lot of your time in the gym and want to spend money on the higher end gear then that is all well and good however some of us are just starting out in the gym and don't want to spend too much.

This is where Primark comes in very handy, their range of gym wear is very affordable and actually very good! I was scanning through Primark last weekend and managed to pick up a sports bra and a pair of leggings that cost me £11 for both.I was a little bit dubious at first, I thought they probably won't fit right, they'll be too long or the waist band wouldn't be elasticated enough. Well, I can say I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to find that once I had tried the pieces on, they fitted perfectly.

I would recommend always going for black or white when getting gym clothes (because the sweat doesn't show up as much!) which is always a winner. Some people don't care that they have huge sweat patches, after all it does show that you worked extremely hard in the gym, but still I would rather them be not as noticeable.




Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sanctuary Body Butter

Sanctuary are a brand that are renowned for their beautiful, award-winning products and recently I have been lathering myself in all things orange, the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter.
I love all things that make you feel gorgeous and leave you with a wonderful scent, so when I was received this as a Christmas present it certainly went down a treat. Like a lot of people I suffer with quite dry skin and patches of eczema so I'm always up or trying new lotions and creams to see if they work.
Not only does this cream leave you smelling like you've just walked out of a five star spa, it really soothes and moisturizes your skin, I found it has really helped clear up my eczema and the general dryness in my skin has decreased. There are a lot of creams and body butters on the market, I have tried many and so far this has been the one that really works for me (someone with very unpredictable skin). It really is such a treat, coating your body in a layer of this thick, rich and scrumptious smelling butter after having a long soak in your bath. There is something quite relaxing about the smell.
I have just started using my second tub, so I would say that it lasts around 2-3 months using it every day.

This cream comes at £10 a pop, a rather average price for a body butter.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Maybelline Eye Tattoos

I feel like I keep buying a lot of eye shadows but I just love testing them out. Eye shadow is definitely something that can really versatile your look, whether you want to keep it neutral or colourful however or whatever you do it can transform your look into something completely different.

These eyes shadows are of a perfect creamy consistency that paste and sit on the eyelid really nicely, I generally use my finger to apply these but you can use a brush too, either works well.

What you can do is use these eye products as a base or if you want a subtle look for work. This way you know it's going to last all day. The lasting power on these are very good because it's more of a gel consistency. 

The colours that I have here are permenant taupe, endless purple and pink gold. There are quite a few to choose from but these were the ones that I fancied at the time of my purchase (I may go back for more). At £4.99 a pot you really can't go wrong - definitely something to invest your pennies in if you're looking for affordable and long-lasting make up.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette

I know there has been so much hype about the urban decay naked palette range, in some aspects I do believe that it does deserve this hype as the colours in this palette are amazing. The nudey-smokey colours are so in at the moment and really give you that gorgeous glowing make up look. You can pretty much create any sort of eye make up look with these shades, they work for any sort of eye colour too, so getting a look that works for you is very easy.
The colours in this palette are very pigmented and only need one dab from the brush to extract a substantial amount of product. The colours do stay on well, although using a base or a primer does make a difference with these eye shadows - but then this goes for all eye shadows, whatever the brand.
The RPP for this product is around £38-£40 which is quite expensive but you do get 12 different shades in that price of a reasonably good quality. My question is this, would I buy it again if I ever ran out? The answer is probably yes.

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