Sunday, 15 February 2015

Contouring Kit For Beginners; Smashbox

I bought this product back in October when I was in NY, I had been after a contour kit for a while and I discovered this one in Sephora! Lets face it, everyone is after that sculpted look these days thanks to the almighty power of Kim Kardashian and her family. This is a powder contour which isn't something that everyone loves I know, but I feel if you are starting off your make-up collection and you want something straight forward and simple to use then you are definitely onto a winner here! It also comes with a little picture, which you can see on the mirror showing you what parts of your face you should contour to gain the desired results.
The brush that comes with it is surprisingly useful when you are trying to create that defined bronze line down your cheek bone. I use both the dark colours quite regularly when I am contouring my face and use the highlighting shade as a setting powder for any concealer or liquid foundation that I might use. I think all 3 shades are perfect and very easy to work with whatever your skin tone.
The pigment of the two darker shades are excellent and they really glide on to your skin with ease, the only downfall I think with this product is the highlighting shade isn't quite light enough so it doesn't show up great on my skin and because of it being a powder, it doesn't have an opaque effect which liquid concealer and highlighters do. Nevertheless like I mentioned earlier, it is perfect for setting any concealer or foundation! Priced at £35, it is quite expensive but in my eyes very worth it!


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