Tuesday, 3 February 2015


So, I finally made it to the city I have been wanting to go for a very long long time! I really wasn't let down, it was everything I kind of expected to be and more. Very cool place! I had such a laugh!! Ill admit it felt very surreal at times, for instance seeing the red light district was definitely an experience I won't forget in a hurry! (Kinda scarred us all a little bit when we came across the blue lights lol). It is just such a culture shock, going from a well-reserved, politically correct country like Britain and then seeing all these different things. I have the kind of believe it when I see it attitude and now I understand what the fuss is about! ha
Anne Franks museum is definitely something I would recommend, I had been told by a few people that it wasn't anything special but I felt I had to make my mind up for myself and I'm glad I did, I really enjoyed it! If you are like me and are interested in all things World War 2 related then I suggest it is something that you definitely look into doing! I'd recommend going in the morning or later on in the evening, saves you queuing at peak times! You have to be a tourist and do these sorts of things when you go to different countries because when you come home you'll get questions like "what did you do then? what did you see?".. let's face it you don't want to say you saw nothing!
 P.S it is sooooo cold!!


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