Thursday, 8 January 2015

Real Techniques Eye Brushes!

hellllooo everyone!
For Christmas I was lucky enough to get these eyes shadow brushes from my mum! I was so surprised that she actually managed to get them because I heard they were sold out everywhere! Basically since Christmas I haven't stopped using them, I looooove them! They're perfect for creating any kind of style you want, feel gorgeous on your skin because of how soft they are and definitely something you should pick up if you are looking to start out your make-up collection.

Below is the full set of brushes.

Got a bit snappy happy.... whoopsie!


This brush is the more fluffier one, this can be used to apply an buff the eye shadow in your crease. (this is what I use it for anyway)!

This one is more of a firmer brush, makes it easier to apply the base of your eye shadows!

Here are the 3 smaller brushes that make applying eyeliner etc. a lot more easier!



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