Thursday, 22 January 2015

New York... Places I Have Been and Seen

Here are some of my pictures from New York when I went last October, this was the most amazing 5 days of my life to date I think! Considering prior to this I was having the shittiest year of my life so far! All the things I got to see and do make me majorly jealous of anyone that is going there this year! (I hate you all) - only kidding! I went with family but think it is something I would love to do with my friends, I honestly have never been so amazed by one place! It's true what they say when you never really appreciate how good something is or was until afterwards, I went for 5 days but I would recommend going for a week! - As getting a substantial amount of shopping done and seeing all the sights takes a lot longer than you think! One thing I would say, I didn't expect it to be as spaced out as it was, I guess it is like any city... all landmarks aren't going to be in one place! However from watching numerous films that are set in this wonderful city I just imagined that everything was in walking distance. (it is not!)
When we went we had the 2 day 'Big Bus Tour' which I highly recommend, there are tons of other tour guides and bus tours but with this one you get a 'free' boat ride on the Hornblower..(which I will go on to in a bit and isn't really free, I guess it is in the price you pay). This bus ticket allows you to hop on and off however many times you like over the two days and takes you all around New York, we found with every tour guide we had on each bus we found out something different about a specific place, which is really handy! Obviously you have to do all the main landmarks/attractions like Time Square, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Central Park and the Rockefeller centre (which I say was probably my favourite). Seeing the view at night is AMAZING, in  my eyes it is definitely better than the view during the day! Going on the Hornblower, this was amazing, we saw 2 different landmarks in one. This is because the boat goes underneath Brooklyn bridge and around Staten Island (where the statue of liberty is) you also get to say that you've been on the Hudson River! Another major tip, wear comfy shoes!!!!!!!  You will be on your feet ALL day, we even got to a point we had to go home early one night because our feet were hurting so much! (at least wearing comfortable shoes kind of helps lol.)
I would 100% recommend going to an outlet shopping centre, I went to Woodbury Common which is in Brooklyn (which by the way you have to book in advance if you want to get a coach there - cheapest way) you can book this at your hotel! This place is huuuuuuge. You have set times to get the coach there and back however you can arrange to get a later coach if you let the driver know beforehand. - this is something we didn't do which we wish we had as we only saw half of the place! All in all I believe this is the most amazing and memorable trip I have ever been on! I hope this helps any of you guys that are off to this wonderful city anytime soon :)


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