Friday, 2 January 2015

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals is a foundation brand that I have heard a lot of doubt about, I just wanted to clear up those rumours as best as I can and give you my personal experience with it. Firstly I have been using this foundation for about 18 months now, for anyone that has trouble with their skin (getting spots that you can not get under control) then I highly suggest you try this product! As it is a mineral based foundation, the ingredients are actually good for your skin. I was very hesitant to try this foundation at first, thinking that it wouldn't give me the coverage that I wanted or needed but with the buffer brush, applying the make up has never actually been easier. This foundation is designed so you can wear any sort of coverage that you please (like any foundation really). For example, when having good skin days I only use the smallest amount and then when I am having days that I want to try and hide any spots or blemishes, I build it  up for a much fuller coverage (without it looking cakey!!). When I first tried this product at the counter, the make up artist said that using this on my skin would actually help my spots and blemishes and she wasn't wrong! I must admit it took about 1-2 months for me to really notice a difference but using this make up, cleansing, toning, moisturizing and drinking plenty of water has helped my skin make a tremendous change! I still obviously get the odd 2/3 hormonal spots but that can't be helped! I know that may seem like a lot to do girls, (I thought this when my mum told me that's what I needed to be doing) but you will definitely see the benefits and once you get into the routine of doing so it'll make you feel 10x times better about your skin!
Applying this make up is very easy (as I mentioned above). I ALWAYS use primer, the lose powder goes on sooo much easier when your skin is moist. Bare minerals have a few different primers but I use the neutralizing one (which is designed to even out red skin tones) although all of them work pretty well! You then simply tap the loose powder into the lid and swirl the brush around in the product. Then tapping off any excess, you use the same motion when swirling it on to your skin with the brush, go round and do as many layers as you like. I find 4 layers is the perfect full coverage for me however as many layers as you feel comfortable with is the best. This covers any spots, redness, anything that you don't want to be seen! Honestly so much better than a lot of foundations that I have tried. Obviously this make up does give you more of a matte finish than a dewy one but if you have acne-prone skin like mine then, it is much more worth your time, money and boosting that self-esteem to go for this product!
The mineral veil is a perfect finish for any sort of make up you use, whether you use bare minerals foundation or not... I highly recommend you try this product. It is a light loose powder that finishes of the make up, evening out any parts of your face that look a bit darker/lighter than the rest and making your skin look flawless!
I 100% recommend this product! A bit pricey as it is retailed at £25 for the foundation but Bare Minerals do a starter kit which includes the foundation, 3 brushes, a small pot of mineral veil, a small pot of bronzer and a small tube of primer for £50! SO worth it, this is the kit I started out with and loved it!



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