Thursday, 31 December 2015

Purple Bodycon Dress & Dreamy Boots | ZARA

A bodycon midi dress is always a safe way or bet to go when you need a simple and easy dress for a night out or you need something to make you feel that little bit more chic and sexy and who else does cheap, pretty and well-made dresses better than Zara?

I can not remember the last time I went into Zara and didn't fall in love with all of their clothes, literally (I want everything!!)... *cries* if you guys haven't managed to get to the Zara in Westfield's shopping centre in Sheppard's Bush, then I suggest you go! It is by far the best within a 25 mile radius of here.

This dress is such a perfect fit, showing just the right amount of cleavage (making sure you don't over expose yourself) and is the perfect length - even for someone like me, who is a complete and utter short ass. Like always I seem to go for outfits that can be dressed up or dressed down and this is another one of these dresses, that would look cute with boots, like I have here or with heels too.

I actually wore this dress to my Christmas party this year and got lots of nice comments and for £12.99, this is my bargain of the month!

Let us talk about the boots can I just say to you all, that these may be my favourite all time boots/shoes that I have ever owned. Everything about these little beauties are amazing, the colours, the heel height, the soft leather and the way they feel on your feet - (they are so comfy!). I know I am more for finding a bargain when it comes to shoes but I couldn't resist these from Topshop. Although I think you can justify the price when you know you're going to get so much wear out of them, when you pay that little bit extra too, you can really feel the difference - as they don't kill your feet!


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Liz Earle Beauty | The Importance of a Skin Care Routine

I have written a couple of posts on Liz Earle beauty products before and I don't care what anyone says or thinks but I am about to write another one... Liz Earle was first introduced to me by my mother around three years ago to be exact and I can whole heartedly tell you that I have never looked back - not once.

The first product that my mum kindly showed me was the well-known and loved cleanse and polish, as I have mentioned a few times before I haven't been blessed with nicest skin, not only do I have huge pores but I do suffer with break outs, the problem area being on my chin and around my mouth. I know these kinds of spots are hormonal, so without putting drugs in my body that will no doubt mess up my hormone balance - there really isn't much I can do. This is where Liz Earle's products have helped me tremendously, by using their products I now minimise the breakouts on my face to once or twice a month instead of them being constant.

When I first started using the cleanse and polish, I had kind of come to the end of my tether regarding my skin, it weighed on my mind constantly, I was so self-conscious and it knocked my confidence so much (it still does occasionally) to the point where I actually wouldn't go out of the house if I could help it. Any of you guys reading this that have suffered with bad skin or get spots will understand how much it really plays on your mind and how the only thing that you wish for is to have clear skin? Well this is how I felt all of the time until I came across Liz Earle...

The Cleanse & Polish
After just a few days of using this I noticed a real difference with my skin and I really noticed how it had really worked it's magic at calming and soothing my break outs leaving them a lot less red and angry. The key is to use warm to hot water to rinse a muslin cloth in, after applying the cleanser and rubbing it in circular motions towards the inner part of your face, you take the muslin cloth and rinse off the residue, leaving your face feel fresh and soothed. If you are going to buy anything from Liz's range then I suggest this be the one you go for, it is their most loved and is a best-seller.

The Toner
If you speak to any beautician, blogger or make up/beauty enthusiast, they will tell you the importance of this step when doing your skin care routine, yet a lot of people seem to miss this stage out. Toning your face is a imperative and is important when you want to keep a healthy glow to your face, it removes the remainder of the oils and dirt that the cleanser failed to clean away. This toner works magic and I can really tell the difference when I use it in my routine.

The Moisturiser
When I was a lot younger I really didn't see or feel the need to keep the skin on my face moisturised, I never really thought it was necessary. I also was worried that putting moisturiser on my face would lead to oiler skin and give me more spots. Of course, this isn't how it works at all, you just need to find the right cream for you, that suits your skin type. If you are like me and have oily skin, then sticking with a light moisturiser is the best option whereas if you have dry skin that is less prone to break outs then sticking with a thick and rich moisturiser is the way forward. Liz Earle offers all kinds of moisturisers that suit every skin type, this moisturiser in particular, is light, creamy and leaves your skin feeling plump and pretty after every use, it is also the last thing that you apply to your face when doing your skin care routine.


Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Can I Be A Kardashian Yet?

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are all well and truly excited for the prosperous new year! I think it's a given that everyone eats, drinks and parties way too much during the Christmas period - but that's what it's all about, right? I was surprised that I actually got into this dress after all the snacking on the various Christmas treats...
Pretty much every figure hugging piece of clothing like this reminds me of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, every one of them love to wear a dress that shows off their enviable curves. When I saw this dress instantly knew I'd love it, it's a piece that is so in right now, the colour and the ribbing effect gives the piece it's simple detailing. It looks so chic with either trainers or boots because it has that perfect balance of casual and dressy.
The style of this dress is so flattering on the figure too, as the waist belt breaks it up a little bit - to create that illusion of a slimmer waist... (which we obviously love) to make you feel more comfortable and confident. 
This dress is that perfect transitional piece that you can wear from day to evening by simply just changing your shoes from boots or trainers to dainty heels - it's a real winner. 


Thursday, 24 December 2015

They're Real Push-Up Liner | Benefit


Right, so I know everyone struggles with a winged eye liner from time to time, sometimes it works right? But times when you are in a major rush or need to get that winged eye liner on fleek for work, you can never do it?! Wouldn't it be nice to actually purchase a product that makes all of this malarkey a whole lot easier to deal with? This is where I have found the benefit they're real push up liner to be an absolute dream of a product!

This liner stands out singular in the market because of the fancy way that the applicator works, the open ended nib is shaped at the perfect slant and at the perfect width to create that extra sexy flick to the eyelids, it works by twisting the end of the pen to push out the gel like consistency into the nib to mould the liner into the perfect shape to apply to your eyes. - Hence the name 'push up liner'

I can't tell you how much easier you will find it to apply  your wings because of this great eye liner. The thickness of the nib is just perfect to create that desired cat eye look that most of girls only dreamed of doing 3/4 years ago, I know when I was a bit younger I was absolutely hopeless at it!

The liner also stays on ALL day without smudging (unless you rub your eyes of course, or cry), it is like the consistency of a waterproof liner as just rubbing with your wet finger doesn't move this liner easily, meaning you will need to take it off with a cleanser or a proper make up remover - although I have found the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water has been doing a great job at removing it from my eyes.

At 18.50, it is quite an expensive buy compared to other drug store liners but if you are a make up hoarder/lover and like to spend a bit more money on your make up then this a liner is worth a try!


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

MAC Eyes | A Little Golden Sparkle

We all know how much every make up lover loves MAC and their wonderful products and we all know how much every make up lover loves a golden/warm toned smokey eye. The question is, what is more perfect than getting a quad palette with four of the most perfect colours in to create this desired look?

MAC do some of the most amazing eye shadow colours and are for sure some of the best eye shadows on the market, so when I was on a recent trip in there I picked up some products that have now become holy grail products of mine.

Do you have those certain eye shadows that you reach for every time knowing that they are going to work for you no matter what? Do you feel like you need some new ones to add to your collection?

The Palette | Buy Here
Here in this quad we have the colours Soft Brown, Swiss Chocolate, Amber Lights and Satin Taupe, with these four colours you can create various cute and simple looks depending on your mood/outfit. It is also great to have your four favourites colours in a palette like this, making it super easy to travel with and take around in a small make up bag if you're up and about with the likeliness of having to retouch your make up.

Using  the two matte shades Soft Brown and Swiss Chocolate will give you the perfect normal day to day look, with Soft Brown on the lid and Swiss Chocolate in the crease. The other two colours which are more iridescent and shimmery ones are perfect to add that little bit of sparkle to your look.

The Pigment | Buy Here
I think it is safe to say that I have become a bit more obsessed with pigments - every time I am doing my make up I am just so tempted to add that little bit of sparkle to my eye. These pigments are such perfect ways of brightening or adding a bit more glitz and glam to your look, here I have the shade Tan, which isn't overly sparkly but has a gorgeous shimmer to it. These pigments are best packed on with a flat brush (like the one below), there tends to be some fall out, so I recommend doing your concealer afterwards. These pigments stay in place perfectly when put over MAC paint pots or anything with a creamy sort of base for it to stick to.

The 233 Brush | Buy Here
I have heard from various different people and read on various different blogs how handy this brush comes in when packing on a good amount of colour on to your lid. After watching various YouTube videos and feeling rather convinced into buying it - I can say that to me, it hasn't made much of a difference or even added easiness to applying my make up. I could apply my make up easily with a brush that cost me £5 instead of over £20. It is a lovely brush but I think you ladies could save your money and buy one for less than half the price that is just as good.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Sea Front | San Francisco

Ever been to San Francisco, or thinking about it? I can tell you that one of the best places to be in this gorgeous city, is right at the very edge right by the sea front, where you can get a great feel and view for the wonderful culture that San Francisco has to offer.

Whilst on our whereabouts around the city and whilst taking several tours, every person we would get chatting to whether they were a tour guide, a tourist or a local - would all say 'Have you been down to the piers yet? You must go!'

With the pier area being the second biggest attraction in California after Disneyworld (which I was quite surprised at), it has a lot to offer and there is always something going on down by the sea front. The most famous of all the piers is Pier 39 which is right next to Fisherman's Wharf, it's popularity is down to some rather unlikely creatures - sea lions, that congregate there throughout the year (be warned, they really do smell bad). They have become such a large attraction for the city of San Fran and no matter what time of day it is there are always crowds of people circling around and admiring them in their wild habitat. Just next to the sea lions you can find a little cluster of restaurants and shops that sell a range of fish, lobster and shell fish a long with San Francisco's world famous sour-dough bread, they also sell ice cream and various other puddings too. You will also find the Alcatraz Aquarium here, which I didn't actually visit but have some photos that were taken from the outside (see below).

When walking up and down the sea front, you can venture out on to all the different piers and see all of the stunning views that San Francisco has to offer, like the Bay Bridge - which has only recently been reopened (Sept 2013) after 12 years of construction, due to it being badly damaged in the 1989 earthquake. There are prime picture moments to be taken here - you can get a mega-clear view/shot of the Bay Bridge and wonderful shots of the city, you also get a real feel for the culture, as every bench a long the piers are taken up with local fisherman.

Although being warned before hand about how cold San Francisco would be, we actually found ourselves pretty lucky in that we didn't need to wear big jackets or coats at all and we found out towards the end of our trip that October is one of the best months to go - it is much warmer than July/August time, which is surprising considering it is in the sunny state of California.

We also stumbled across a farmers market on our last day in San Francisco which is situated in a ferry building - 'the Ferry Building Market Place' it was extremely busy but has lots of wonderful stalls ranging from home-made jams and jellies to hog roasts and beer.

Another thing that San Francisco is very widely famous for are their one of a kind cable cars that still pull passengers up and down the hilly roads. I definitely recommend doing this - a single ride is $7 and an all day pass (unlimited riding) is $21. There are only three main cable car routes remaining in San Francisco that take you from A to B, one being Powell/Mason St, Powell/Hyde St and California St. We rode on the Powell/Mason street car which took you all the way from Fisherman's Wharf right back up to Union Square.

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