Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Eye/Eyebrow Transformation

Right, I have always been the type of girl that has to draw her eyebrows on, as unluckily I wasn't blessed with the nice thick dark eyebrows that you can just shape. So I have been on the hunt for something that is quick, simple and effective when it comes to drawing on or filling in my eyebrows when I haven't had them tinted or threaded! Likewise when it comes to my eyelashes, I have VERY short lashes... Which is such a bummer when it comes to wearing natural make up for work and every day life etc. Wearing eyelashes everyday would become very expensive, time consuming (when applying your own falsies) and wouldn't be good for my lashes at all! I got fake ones put on professionally in May and my lashes still haven't completely grown back. I am gutted, because I LOVED them but it just isn't worth it :(
Let me tell you about the product I use everyday without fail to give my eyebrows some life! So the product is the Benefit Brow Zing in shade medium (they do light, medium and dark), when I tell you that this is the easiest thing I have ever used to apply my eyebrows! It comes with two brushes, one of which is angled and a pair of mini tweezers! The angled brush works such a treat when trying to shape them. So how it is used you ask? You simply dip the angled brush in the wax to create the desired shape and then filling in the rest of your brows with the pressed powder whilst using the tweezers to get rid of any of those unwanted hairs!
I have had it for just over 2 months and have recommended it to family and friends, I will never go back to using a pencil just because of the simplicity and ease!  


As you can see, the packaging is sleek and stylish and very easy to keep tucked away in the inside pocket of your bag! At £24.50 I think this is an exceptional buy as I have read many other reviews that this product lasts between 1 and a half to two years (using it everyday)! That for me is a bargain as I used to go through a £3.99 eyebrow pencil once a month!

I have used YSL mascara on and off for years but after going to NY and finding this "Shocking" edition, it makes me wonder why I don't use it all the time?! The effect is has on my tiny lashes is incredible! The mascara is thick and effective and from the first stroke on to my lashes I can see a difference! The brush is a good size and collects just the right amount of product without making your eyes too clumpy! It really does give a shocking effect! Priced at around £22 it is quite expensive for a mascara, as I have found no matter which one you buy, what brand etc. they all last the same amount of time! Which isn't a long time! (unfortunately) but for me this mascara is so so worth it! they make perfect stocking fillers as well! If you fancy asking Santa for it that is!




The Finished Effect
Before eyebrows and eyelashes..

Eyebrows did..

After both..




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