Saturday, 29 November 2014

Knee High Boots & Khaki Green Dress



Here we have it, the must-have fashion accessory of the season. Knee high boots!! I absolutely love these boots, as I am quite short, I think these are the appropriate length for me, going over the knee probably wouldn't be very flattering on someone that has such short legs like I do. If you are 5"6 or above, then I definitely think over the knee boots would suit you better!
These boots are from Zara and they set me back £80, you may think this is a lot to start with but actually thinking about it, for a pair of boots that are real suede isn't bad at all?! It means they are going to last a relatively long time!!! Which for shoes I feel is ideal, especially with all the wear and tear that your footwear go through. This style is classy but sexy at the same time and can be worn casually or for a night out, I have actually worn these out to two parties and they do not hurt my feet at all and aren't too high (which is yay for me because I can actually walk in them!! - such a bonus) there's nothing worse than not being able to walk in heels - so I save myself the embarrassment! comfort over everything anyway! *thumbs up*
The heel is about 3 inches, so anyone from any range of height can pull these off! If you are conscious of being too tall then these are boots you can definitely get away with as can girls that are conscious of being so small (like myself)! The bottom of the dress that you can see my wearing is from H&M about a month a go! £9.99 BARGAIN ALERT!
Here I am wearing the dress before a night out, which I belted up with a chunky belt from next, which was £12. Excuse the weird eyes! The best full-length photo I could find of me wearing it!!
I love the eyelash pattern at the bottom which is something that is massive this season, the colour is gorgeous and looks great when you match it with a dark purple lipstick and nails! I am wearing the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick here!
And a dress for £9.99 that looks great for a night out or for a casual day of shopping, you can not go wrong for that price!!

Here are a couple of pictures of me before that party, excuse me crazy lady ha!


Saturday, 22 November 2014

My first review... Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Wash

Ladies, if I could honestly tell you the amount of products I have tried to get my skin under control... I mean we would be here for a while, let me tell you that. It has taken me well over 6 years to find this product and now I wouldn't know what to do without it! I have tried every drug store product, ranging from simple to tea tree oil to Johnson's and nothing would make the skin on my face clear up to a standard that I was confident with. Until one day about 18 months ago, when I had broken down in tears to my mother about my horrible red skin (which let me tell you, became a very regular occurrence at this stage). She handed me this product (Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Wash) she had used this product for some years and hadn't actually offered it to me in the past because of the regular trips I used to take to the doctors. I guess she thought that what the doctor had to offer me was probably better than this stuff.

After using it for about 3 days, I saw a difference. How could I have only discovered this now! Its sleek designed bottle pumps one or two (however much you fancy using, I recommend about a pump and a half) into your hand from the dispenser and then you rub this all around your face using circular motions to get into all the pores, not forgetting to take it down underneath your jawline and your neck. This product also removes any make up (eye make up, foundation, lipstick etc.) you then take the muslin cloth which comes with this product and you soak this cloth into warm/hot water from your basin and you wash all of the product off with this cloth until you are left with a clean, make-up free and damp face. Then gently pat your face dry with a face towel, I often see a noticeable difference in how my face decreases in redness within the hour. It leaves you feeling very refreshed. - I must say, the muslin cloths can get quite grubby due to the grime that comes off your face or if you're like me you wear a fair bit of make up. I suggest sticking them in the wash every 2/3 days.
You can buy a few different sizes with this product, I am currently using the 100ml one, which I normally use up within a month (this is using it generously day and night) but it also comes in a 150ml tube, which I find I do not like as much as it doesn't have a pump dispenser, so I tend to stick with the 100ml. You can buy this product in quite a few stores, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Fenwick's and most other large department stores or you can buy it online directly from the Liz Earle website or other sites such as QVC. I mean whatever takes your fancy, if you can get it in a store near you it may be easier (as you don't have to pay for packaging that way and wait for it to come). It is marked up at £14.75 for your first 'starter kit', this includes the 100ml Cleanse & Polish product and 2 muslin clothes and thereon after just the 100ml (without the muslin clothes) is £13.25. Which I feel is not a bad price at all!!! And if you're anything like me and went through the faze of doing/paying anything to have clearer skin it is definitely worth it.
P.S This product has won lots and lots of awards!! (rightly so may I add)

 "Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, cleaner skin." For you guys that have sensitive skin, I also recommend this. All the ingredients they use are natural.  

I really hope you guys love this product as much as I do, I can't tell you how much it has changed my life and how I could not live without it now!

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